Steam-Powered Postcards and an Open Call

The second of the Postcards anthologies is live! Steam-Powered Postcards has twenty-two fifty-word stories, each of them facing their prompt image that inspired the author to create them.

I had a hand in many of the illustrations for this book, and I’m delighted at how the entries turned out. For one thing, there’s a story in here by a very young author, and her name wound up on the cover! There are also stories by not one married couple, but two sets! It’s so fun to read through and see what the authors dreamed up.  The book includes an essay I wrote for it, on art choices and creating evocative images, using MidJourney. 

And, this weekend the Three Moms of the Apocalypse are handing out postcard prompts in honor of FoolzCon, so ask for yours and you will have a chance at being published in what will be the fourth volume of the Postcard anthologies. 


3 responses to “Steam-Powered Postcards and an Open Call”

  1. McChuck Avatar

    No Kindle version?

    1. Cedar Sanderson Avatar
      Cedar Sanderson

      It is lagging. Hopefully soon!

      1. Orvan Taurus Avatar
        Orvan Taurus

        The KINDLE version is lagging? Wow, the L & C are reversed here!