Books, Books!

First up, the latest in the Postcards series. Postcards from Foolz was prompted during Foolzcon this April. 

I do most of the illustrations for these, and it is so fun to do the layout and see what stories came from the images I sent out as prompts. Plus, I had a lot of fun with the essay at the back this time. Oh! And there are some very special images in this… did I mention that one of the authors is only 8 years old and wrote a phenomenal story? 

Next up, fellow Raconteur Press author has gone Indie and put his debut novel out. Daniel Zeidler’s The Standard Bearer’s Oath is a richly developed fantasy world with scientific underpinnings. 

Another friend and author has her Indie Debut out as well! (Full disclosure, I did the cover on this for her. That was fun!) 

Cloak and Stola is the unlikely story of two people in Ancient Rome trying to exist within a system that seems bound and determined to keep them in their places. Deeply researched, it should be read by anyone interested in the era.