Clothed in Mystery

Alma Boykin’s post over at the Mad Genius Club today got me thinking. So I wandered into my Midjourney art studio (heh, the discord server I use for this sort of thing) and poked the ai a little to see what I got. What I got was fun, because instead of using the costumes to tell the story, as Alma rightly points out as an aid to good storytelling and world building, I’ve created characters that prompted my mind to tell me stories about them. 


That yellow brocade, with that tie? beautiful. 

I really like the long coat, here. 

The First Reader insists this lovely embroidered jacket is made of leather, and he’d like one. 

Does it all fall off when she stands up? 

That hat, though! 

Is that a hat? 

This is too much fun… Oh, why not! 

Unlike the early days with the AI, you could actually sew some of these dresses. Which oddly makes them less fun and wildly creative. 

Of course, you want your clothing to be suitable for your activities. 

And I can’t expect historical authenticity from the the ai, but it does try harder these days. 


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