Fantastic Middle Schools

Would you look at that! I’d almost forgotten about this one, and due to unforeseen circumstances it’s release had been delayed. So? I’ve now had a story come out once a week for the last three weeks. I… don’t think I can make it four in a row! 

I had great fun writing my tale for this anthology. Who’s the most important person in a magical school? Nope, not the headmaster… 

Chervil and the Janitor is the story of how maintenance and facilities are really the brains and the brawn behind keeping your school running, especially when you have messes that stretch beyond the purely physical. Elbow grease might not be enough to clean up this problem! 

This should be a fun collection, and perfect for the younger reader in your life. Or you! Why not enjoy some fun reading with no adult situations, right? 


3 responses to “Fantastic Middle Schools”

  1. John in Philly Avatar
    John in Philly

    A few clicks later and it’s on my reader.
    Technically I’m well past the age of Young Adult, but parts of my mind either aren’t adult, nor will they ever be, and other parts are definitively young, or at least childish.
    The other fact is that I spent a lot of my service time working with people who kept the shipboard lights on, who made the fresh water and got that water where it was needed, provided warmth or cooling as needed, and made the waste products of five thousand people go away.
    Doing the same job for a magic school would be several degrees more interesting.

    1. I intend to take this short story from the anthology and expand on it. But that will be about a year’s work from now.

      1. John in Philly Avatar
        John in Philly

        I will be ready to buy it whenever you finish it.
        I’m going to expect quite a bit from young Chervil.
        I finished your story and felt called to reread Kipling’s Sons of Martha.