Progress Report

I meant to write first thing this morning. I mean, I meant to blog first thing this morning. I wrote, instead. I’ve been working on a short story and I’m nearing the climax of that. So I’m excited about it and wanting to finish it off so I can send it to the editor of the anthology it’s being written for.

If I have time later, I’ll finish up the chapter in the novel I started yesterday. Er – that sounds wrong. The chapter I started – the novel has been in progress for a while now. If I keep up the progress I’ve been making for the last couple of weeks, it won’t be long. I’m at the ten percent mark on that book already.

I’ve been getting beta responses on Snow in Her Eyes, and they are all good. In fact, the closest thing to critical feedback (on more than minor details) is that they want more. Which tickles me. I may well come back to this world for a few more novellas. I am not going to expand this one into a novel. So many other projects that need to have priority. I’ll be publishing Snow during the first week of August, if I can find time to create the cover.

So, to sum up. I’ve been averaging 2K words a day of fiction on weekdays. Weekends are full of other things and I can rarely manage to get my head in dreamland long enough to write. And I’m going to go write some more, now, while I’m waiting on an incubation period.

If you’re looking for something to read, I cannot recommend the Lawdog Files enough. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll lose time when you should be sleeping.