There are things in this world we must do. For me, that is a walk in the woods. I slowly go to pieces if I can’t get out there, preferably alone, and just… walk. I can feel the weight slipping off me, falling behind, and when I come out again I’m ready to face whatever… Read More Restoration



  This is a free association post, intended to get my mind warmed up and ready to write. You see, I came home from work, stopped to talk to my son about his day, sat down to write, helped my son make dinner… well. Got up, helped, sat down, “Mama, how do I…?” Sat down,… Read More Wordflow


Castles in the Air

I’ve written before about stolen moments. I take time from myself, for myself. The problem I have is that unless I stop and think about it, I feel guilty about doing this. It’s not that I’m taking the time to exercise, to write, to create art. It’s that unless I make myself analyze what I’m… Read More Castles in the Air

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The Gas Lamp is Lit

As I was pulling away from the house today, I realized that I had a glaring orange eye of shame regarding me on my dashboard. I was low on fuel. The bad thing was, not only had the light been on since the night before, when I had completely forgotten it and driven home in… Read More The Gas Lamp is Lit