On the Road


Traveling down to Kentucky with the First Reader today. Ostensibly it’s to visit family and give a little respite to a caregiver. However, I intend to milk it for all it’s worth. It’s rare, these days, I get to enjoy hours at a time in a small box-on-wheels with my Evil Muse. I have already been sparking story bits off him this morning, and the plan is to carry on at that until we have Tanager’s Flight all plotted out. Yes, I’m a pantser. But sometimes doing this helps shake loose the tale in my head, and it’s very much ready to go since I’ve just finished up going through Tanager’s Fledglings jotting down things like trade route stops and loose threads I deliberately left dangling. You see, I plotted Tanager as a trilogy from the beginning. Tanager’s Fledglings, Tanager’s Flight, and Tanager’s Fleet. 

I’ve got a voice recorder app on my phone – and I have tested it with road noise. I’d not want to plug it straight into Dragon Naturally Speaking from the recording, but I can certainly hear well enough to transcribe from it. I probably won’t compose story, but I can capture interesting ideas that I might wind up using… or not. Sometimes they evolve from the original musing into something else by the time they make it onto the finished page. 

It’s nice, to be excited about writing again. And it’s lovely to look forward to time with my husband indulging in a pastime we both enjoy. He’s as much part of my writing as I am. I keep threatening to put his name on the cover, too, but he’s always resistant. I didn’t write any of those words, he says. Maybe not, but he inspired them! 

So road trip! and maybe I’ll have a full novel in me when I get back. 


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  1. Even Traveling Pantsers sometimes need a outline map folded up and stuck in their back pocket. You may never need it but it’s comforting to know it’s there.

  2. No idea what the header is, but I want it in order to make a formal-occasion hair-clip! 🙂 Unless it requires polishing. Polishing silver hair-clips is a challenge.

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