Process of Elimination

I was messing around with art, and thought it would be fun to unpack my thought process as I worked towards what I wanted.  My first prompt to MidJourney was “graceful dryad in green chiffon, fashion photography, green vines –ar 2:3”  I wanted to see what I got for dryad, first, and I really like… Read More Process of Elimination

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The Dwarf’s Dryad

There’s a new story available from me! It’s a fantasy short, something a little different. You can buy it here now, it will be up on Amazon in a few hours. It’s up now! Excerpt: The Dwarf’s Introduction The blacksmith first met her in his shop. He had not seen her come in, hidden in… Read More The Dwarf’s Dryad

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Work of Art

Really, I think my stories are just that, stories. And I make pictures to go with them, sometimes. I’m still a little shy of calling myself an artist. But here’s the picture that goes with the fantasy short story I’m publishing this week. Still making up my mind on the title. It could be Wood… Read More Work of Art