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Let’s You and Him Fight: Autoimmune Disorders and Parasites

In a forum of smart folks I’m part of, a science fictional conversation came up: if we could terraform another planet, picking and choosing what species we’d put on it, why would we bother with parasites? People bandied around things they’d love to do without, like mosquitoes, poison ivy, ticks, fleas, and various disease-causing bacteria.… Read More Let’s You and Him Fight: Autoimmune Disorders and Parasites

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What do Environmentalists, JRR Tolkein, Luddites, and Progressives all have in common? The answer is both easy and complicated all at once. The core of it is fear, but the roots lie deeply embedded in the human psyche, all the way back to a time when something out of the ordinary in the environment surrounding… Read More Retrogression



Links of Interest… because I have lab at 8 am, followed by a major exam, and a class, and another class… Yay it looks like it won’t rain tomorrow. Although my dear First Reader, as we were talking about umbrellas and my need to carry one on campus at all times (since I’m also carrying… Read More LOI