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Finish Line

  So… I fell short of my goal with the writing Marathon. I didn’t write 30,000 words in the last ten days. I wrote 27998. So close! But my hands are too tired and it’s too late tonight to write a couple thousand words. Just can’t do it. But! I did finish the novel. I… Read More Finish Line


Argle Bargle

  I’ll be the first to admit I try not to blog unless I can be cheerful. Or at least instructive. I’ve had some epic rants in the past. Today, though.  I’m too tired to be ranty. This past week has been Sisyphean, and I’m not actually talking about the plague. Although that has certainly… Read More Argle Bargle


Two down, two to go

I came out of LibertyCon with invitations to participate in three anthologies. I was very excited about that – Sunday evening at the con, when it was all but over and the last casual groups were hanging out soaking up some social time with friends we might not see again for a long time, I… Read More Two down, two to go



I know you all know how I am about work. I know it, because I get teased about it. So you’ll be happy to know I took the weekend off, mostly. The First Reader and I drove down to my Mom’s place, dropped off the Little Man (I need to talk blog names with him… Read More R&R


Dipsy Daisy

Sorry about the missed day, guys. I regret it on several levels, but honestly, when it comes down to it: no one pays me to write this blog. Fiction? That I get paid for. And I just can’t publish all the fiction here, as I write it, because then I can’t sell it. So when… Read More Dipsy Daisy

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Choices for Readers

It’s a fresh bright shiny new week… so why do I feel like I’ve been dragged through a keyhole backwards? I’m facing a week of abnormal schedule, and heavy homework and… So what do I decide to do? Looks back at the words she’s written. Abuse the ellipsis, it seems. Seriously, though. I have two… Read More Choices for Readers