Book Bomb: Veteran’s Edition

I was delighted to discover that of all my friends who served, and also write, two veterans had debut novels come out today. I’m fairly sure they both intended that, and even though I haven’t had a chance to read either book yet, on the basis of knowing both of the men who wrote the books, I can say they are worth buying. If for nothing else than to support veterans making a new life in a civilian world. This isn’t along the same lines as admiring a kindergartner’s drawing, both men are solid writers whom I trust to deliver a good book, or I wouldn’t be promoting them on my blog. Tough love, guys, but I know you’re up to it.

Two very different books.

The Galileo Syndrome by Stephen J Simmons (veteran submariner, USN) is a tale of multiple universes, and a boy who can travel between them. Ebook Link! 

Jaxson: Island Warriors book 1 is a romantic tale of a veteran who finds a woman, and then must fight for her, and to protect her. Written by a marine, it is published under the pseudonymous Kris Keldaran.

So here’s the idea with a book bomb. As many as we can, buy the books today (Galileo Syndrome is, as I type, not yet out in ebook. I will update with that link ASAP). This gives them better visibility to other buyers, and launches our budding authors in a grand fashion. Share the links once you’ve bought (either direct links, or to this blog) and help me promote these men. Surely, they who served are worth a few clicks of the mouse to give them a hand?

galileo syndrome jaxson