New Military Science Fiction Book!

Not mine! No, this is a book I have been waiting for. I’ve been peripherally involved in it for a very long time, and after a long wait, it’s finally here! By Dawn’s Early Light is a shimmering addition to the stars of science fiction, especially for fans of MilSF. 

If you like military science fiction, you’ll like this story. If you are a fan of the Honor Harrington series, Drake’s Cinnabar books, or Ringo’s Troy Rising, this book will scratch your itch. I like it, the First Reader likes it… check out this blurb. 

Eric Friedrich was supervising the last ice harvesting shift for his ship’s shot-up environmental systems when they detected an anomalous ice comet drifting by. Investigating the icy tomb, Eric finds a ship that couldn’t exist–a relic from a nation the Protectorate killed billions to erase from history… And will kill even more to keep secret.

When his world explodes, Eric must make allies in the unlikeliest places, and seize even the slimmest chance of survival while unraveling a conspiracy that shattered planets and set off interstellar war!

Now, I get to add a bit because I know the author. Not only is this book his debut, the entire initial trilogy is about ready to go. So as a reader, you don’t have to worry about getting invested in a series that is going to fizzle. Jason’s on top of it. He’s a great writer, and I know we’re going to see a lot of him in this genre. 

Click the cover to link to the book.

(and can I say I’m proud of that cover? I was tickled he asked me to create art for this book.)


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  1. John in Philly Avatar
    John in Philly

    Recommended by someone I know and trust.

    “Click.” And it’s on the way to my Kindle.
    Thank you.

  2. You did that? Cool!

    1. No, the book is Jason’s work! All I did was the cover.