We left our house at ten in the evening, with the intention of driving straight through to New Hampshire for a family Christmas. We made it… around 5:30 pm the next day.

Thoughts from the trip. The NY toll road is long. Very very long, especially when you do most of it in the dark and wonder if you’re actually moving, or if the world is all an illusion. Also, it’s expensive. Gas is $0.50 a gallon higher than off the road, food is outrageous, and we spent $16 on tolls for a single car carrying two people and a dog. I’ll be looking at the map to see if there’s a way to get around it. It’s not like it’s a great road well kept and repaired, either.

The Man of Kent, a pub/restaurant on Hwy 7 somewhere between Bennington VT and Troy NY serves a fantastic ploughman’s lunch with a pear-walnut chutney I will be trying to replicate. Also, it’s light enough for two that we could be back on the road without full bellies making us sleepy.

Traveling with a dog is a challenge and a good thing. She really wasn’t happy but was quiet about this, the longest journey she’s ever been on. And walking her kept us limber (more or less) and discovering some places we’d never have seen otherwise.

I likely will not blog tomorrow, it’s going to be devoted to the kids and Christmas, and joy and blessings.

I wish you and yours a day full of the joys of the season

Merry Christmas!

Tricksy Traveling
Tricksy Traveling


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  1. Thomas Monaghan Avatar
    Thomas Monaghan

    Merry Christmas!!

  2. Reality Observer Avatar
    Reality Observer

    A very Merry Christmas to you, Cedar, your family, and everyone else here.

    BTW, you can avoid the NY toll road – my then future wife and I did so when we moved out here from SW New Hampshire (Rindge, if that means anything to you). Add at least an extra day, though. (Possibly more, depending on weather – we did our trip in early November, before the Polar Express began rumbling through.)