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Bug Safari

I finally found the time and inclination to do something at this house. After a year of living here (almost!) I got out the camera, macro lens, and went bug hunting.   


In my Garden

  I haven’t taken the time… no, scratch that. I haven’t had the time to get out in my garden and go bug-hunting this summer. I’ll regret that this winter when I am longing for green, and crawly things, and the ability to be out of doors for any length of time. Still, I just… Read More In my Garden



  This weekend the Ginja Ninja and I were over at the Little House, which I had been using as an office, and we are now renovating for her to live in. The deal is that she had to get her driver’s licence and a car before she moved out, and we’re very close to… Read More Pupalcopalypse

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Bug Hunt

It’s well into summer, and I have done very little bug hunting. In spite of having acquired a macro lens for Christmas… Money can buy stuff. What it can’t buy is time. I mean, I keep seeing this nifty pen set I’d like, and I have money in the art account, but… But I don’t… Read More Bug Hunt


Myth Busting: Bug-B-Gone

The latest and greatest in science hysteria is the new study that came out with a ‘shocking’ insect population decline. Most people are reading only the headlines, and then walking around like Chicken Little screaming their heads off about the sky falling and climate changing and, and, and humans are TEH EVUL. I’m not exaggerating.… Read More Myth Busting: Bug-B-Gone

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Gone Buggy

I went bughunting today! All of these photos were taken in my front garden in early evening. I really do need to get out and do this more often. Enjoy!


Garden Denizens

So, today you get an art blog. Specifically, you get what I see when I look at the world. In a manner of speaking, the camera lens captures my eye, the way I look at things. If the eye is the window to the soul, what do photos say about the artist? I know that… Read More Garden Denizens