The Squeaks Caper

Coming soon. Very soon, as in it should be live on Friday

This is the fourth in the illustrated books I’ve been working on with Lawdog, the third in the Africa tales, which are now linked in a series called Lawdog in Color. They are sort-of coloring books, but mostly just fun illustrations, verging on comic books, for his wonderfully funny tales of growing up in Africa. 

Included in this book is the tale of Squeaks, a kusimanse with aspirations. The tennis-ball sized dwarf mongoose thinks he’s died and gone to heaven the day a 15-foot python is dropped literally at his feet. The humans who house him and pamper him, on the other hand! Hijinks ensue. 

And, appearing in print for the first time, the story of African justice. A defiant goat is brought to trial. Lawdog and his younger brother attend, for ‘educational purposes.’ The goat, he will not budge…

21 primary illustrations, and dozens of secondary drawings to bring the setting to life, accompany Lawdog’s side-splitting prose. This will appeal to all ages, as an activity book or just for reading. 


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  1. Terrific! I love his stuff (and your drawings).

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    Congrats! Miss Not-an-Artist.

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    Sorry if this is doubled….

    Congrats! Miss Not-an-Artist! (You are going to have to give up that nomenclature, soon, lest you be seen as too effacing…)

    1. Lol! Yes, I am bowing to the inevitable already.

  4. Yay!