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Review: Girly Stuff

I ordinarily only review books on the blog, although I’ve done a few other things as well. Today, I’m doing something that’s odd for me – I’ve tried out a very girly thing. I’m wearing pretty fingernails. This isn’t the old-school acrylic talons, which I have attempted precisely once and swore never again. I can’t… Read More Review: Girly Stuff


New Author Bio

My First Reader surprised me with this, he’d written it after I told him I was having trouble coming up with one for Amazon that would replace the very out-dated one I’d put up a few years ago. Thank you, dear man! There are few things I dislike more than writing my own bio.  Cedar… Read More New Author Bio


Boxing Day Sale

So most of my US readers are wondering what a Boxing Day is, and if it has anything to do with Muhammed Ali. Boxing Day is the day after Christmas (today!) and traditionally it is when British employers gave their employees gifts. Here in the US we tend to celebrate it nameless, by going out… Read More Boxing Day Sale


Christmas Shopping

#procrastinator #lastminutegift #bookgift Have you left the shopping until the last minute? Looking for a gift for the person who has everything? Here’s a suggestion that is clutter-free, on sale until Christmas Eve, and will please any reader in your life! You can gift ebooks very easily. All you need is an email address, and… Read More Christmas Shopping

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A Papery Feel

Welcome! If you’re familiar with my blog, you already know this. I don’t self-promote often. While I do a weekly book review, and will often promo friend’s books, I usually let the sidebar links or the pages devoted to each series do the talking for me. I figure if you’re here more than once or… Read More A Papery Feel



A Papery Feel Would any of you, dear Readers, be interested in a Cyber Monday sale on my books, signed and shipped on that coming week? This ought to guarantee arrival in time for Christmas. Of course, you can always give ebooks in mere moments, but sadly, signing electrons is beyond my abilities! I have… Read More Divertissments

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Emotional Artifacts

I get all metaphorical, and as snarky as I ever get, this morning over at Mad Genius Club. I’m the nice one, over there, but really… they are just special, aren’t they? Books are, as this article eloquently puts it, emotional artifacts. GigaOm: “What makes Amazon’s dispute with publishers different from a typical battle between… Read More Emotional Artifacts

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Amazonian Insight

As the whole controversy about Amazon/Hachette rolls on, with the rumor spreading like wildfire last night that Amazon was doing funny things with not delivering ebooks (They aren’t. There is a known glitch that affects very few systems and it is already under repair. But people are more interested in conspiracy theories than facts) I… Read More Amazonian Insight

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That’s what you get when you portmanteau Hugos and brouhaha. We could also go with tempest in a teacup, which might yield Hucup, or… But I’ll stop there. I think I have made my point. Here’s the thing. I’m willing to bet guess (I don’t gamble) that most of the readers of this blog know… Read More Hugohaha