Reviews on Hiatus

I’m not going to give up reviewing altogether. I’m stubborn, as you may have noticed. But I haven’t even had a few minutes here and there to pull up my Kindle app on the phone, it’s been that bad. So I am reluctantly admitting that I can’t do a weekly review. You’re likely to get… Read More Reviews on Hiatus


I Wanted a Book

Poetry is for the quick moments. Even the epic pieces seem designed more for a quick read. But a good book is universal. Quiet, sultry summer days, leaning against a shade tree – or better, perched up the tree, with occasional twigs brushing your face as you turn the pages. Or a chill, foggy morning,… Read More I Wanted a Book

reading, School, You crawl over there......

Bunny Trails

It’s a cool and rainy morning here in Ohio, and I’m contemplating my schedule for the day. Nothing terribly exciting, I’m afraid. Working on the freelance editing gig, doing more homework… I need to get the calculations for the titration curves down pat, he’s threatening us with a quiz on just them, and unlike the… Read More Bunny Trails


Homage or Fanfiction

I’ve been working my way through a book… I remember a time when reading wasn’t work, but now I have to make an effort. It’s actually not this book, which seems to have a decent story when I don’t fall asleep on it. Don’t worry, anonymous author, it’s not you, it’s me. Really, I’m just… Read More Homage or Fanfiction


Literary Milestones

I was pondering my personal literary moments in life. Looking back, I have some very vivid memories of specific places, books, and authors. Some are set in a certain place, others, more vague and prolonged as I read through an author’s body of work, or discovered a character in a series as the lived, grew,… Read More Literary Milestones


Not Here

I learned a new word today. The First Reader, who had traveled the world in his youth, and picked up smatterings of languages, explained this one to me. The German word for sick is crunken. From there, it’s obvious where the word cranky came from. I am endeavouring not to be cranky anywhere but in… Read More Not Here


Must Have Books!

No, this isn’t about books I think you must have. Honestly, I don’t know what books are right for you. For instance, I just read the first two books in a series, and adored them, and will be tracking down the rest of the series as soon as I think I can risk the lost… Read More Must Have Books!



I was reading this morning. I had started the book the other day, just the preview, bought it, and finally got around to reading, tucked into bed in the early morning dark, warm, listening to my companion breathing… It was a marvelous way to start my day. I don’t get this often, there is too… Read More Solace