My life feels a bit fragmented right now. I was going to talk about my writing – I’ve been having the dickens of a time writing at all, and when it do it’s random stuff that doesn’t seem to fit into any of my working worlds. I have all these story fragments and I don’t… Read More Fragmentary


Scorpions and Cherries

  One of the benefits of having been a military brat is having been there, done that. I was chatting with a colleague about the vagaries of military life, and assuring her that it had done me no harm to move while I was young. She is waiting for her husband’s first orders, packing house,… Read More Scorpions and Cherries

Art, poetry


  It’s only a leaf. It was only a few moments, in the shade. It was only a short wait. It was only a pen, and paper, and the delicate fernlike leaf of the Daucus carota and inspiration…  And then it was unfinished.  Joyfully.  Abandoned.  In favor of the company of love.  And now it… Read More Unfinished

Curmudgeon's Corner, family


Written by Sanford Begley                                                             BLESSED BY THE GODS   For many of my friends 2015 has been a horrible year that they are eager to see the back of. I too have had some rough patches this year, the death of friends, the deterioration of health of family and loved ones, job problems and financial… Read More Blessed


The Impact of Water

Molecule by molecule, drop by drop, the rain falls to the earth. The plants draw it into them, breaking it down into atoms, releasing energy and the very oxygen we breathe… And we exhale water back into the air and it begins again. Light to water to power to… I was thinking this morning about… Read More The Impact of Water


Childhood Memories

To begin with, I was a military brat from the tender age of four days. We rarely lived anywhere for a full year until the year I was ten, when Dad left the military, and we moved to Alaska. Added to that my parents’ preference for rural life and I don’t remember living in a… Read More Childhood Memories


Hay Day

It’s been a long time since I last posted, so to anyone still reading this, I apologize. I’ve been busy! Full-time student now. The novel, Vulcan’s Kittens, I am hoping to have polished and ready to go by the end of November, and I have sold a couple of stories (happy dance!). I am taking… Read More Hay Day