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Farm Wife

Earth’s grand eruption of life blossoms and grows anew green shoots, pink petals promise fruit.  Farm wife tends lavish gardens Back bent painfully Rewards reaped for hoeing long.  Earthy woman all day through Vital lover’s kiss greets night’s darkness with passion. Sleep comes suddenly to her His shoulder under cheek Her lashes flutter down softly. … Read More Farm Wife


Run, Chicken, Run!

After putting up the coop, we needed a run for the chickens and ducks to stretch their legs in. We wanted to enclose the area the length of the greenhouse, and incidentally this meant we wouldn’t need to fence that side. Yep, we’re lazy farmers. We built the run and then covered it with bird… Read More Run, Chicken, Run!


Three-Hour Coop

Dad and I were talking about the chicken coop that we really needed to build yesterday while we were out running around. Suddenly it dawned on me. We had all the materials we needed to build the coop and the run, and it wouldn’t take much work, either. I had run across a portable structure… Read More Three-Hour Coop


New Arrivals

The chicks arrived safely this morning about 7 am. There are 35 of them. Everyone looks lively and there were none DIB. Beaks dipped in sugar water, feed, parked under the heat lamp. As you can see, some stayed there and basked, while others scooted around the brooder scratching and pecking. There are cobwebs in… Read More New Arrivals


One Piece at a Time

We are buidling a barn one piece at a time. Both in the sense of pieces of lumber, and bays of the barn. Eventually, the barn will be 50×12. maybe even 60×12. We are building it in 10×12 bays because that’s all we can afford at a time! The first bay, currently under construction, is… Read More One Piece at a Time


Composting Balloons

  One of the other things I do, and one of the most fun, is twisting balloons. I also facepaint, but the balloons led to a discovery.  At the end of a big day, like the workshop I will be teaching this coming week, I will have a bunch of balloon scraps. That, coupled with… Read More Composting Balloons