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Men and Skirts

And no, I don’t mean kilts, which although they look like skirts, aren’t. No, I’m referring to an interesting phenomenon I’ve noted. It’s probably not new (is there anything in human nature that is new? It just comes around again and again) but it was new to me. I’m talking about a fear and loathing… Read More Men and Skirts


Adobe is Malicious

Amanda S. Green wrote a lengthy post on Adobe, and their upcoming changes to DRM. I commented on it, and then decided I’d up the signal noise and share my experiences here on my blog, as well. Just so it’s clear, my publisher, StonyCroft Publishing, does not use DRM. Me, as a reader, I will… Read More Adobe is Malicious

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Farm Wife

Earth’s grand eruption of life blossoms and grows anew green shoots, pink petals promise fruit.  Farm wife tends lavish gardens Back bent painfully Rewards reaped for hoeing long.  Earthy woman all day through Vital lover’s kiss greets night’s darkness with passion. Sleep comes suddenly to her His shoulder under cheek Her lashes flutter down softly. … Read More Farm Wife