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To my Daughter, on the Occasion of her 17th Birthday,

I don’t anticipate that you will read this, or understand. Actually, in some ways I hope you never understand. It’s difficult, to tell you what you need to know, since you are so distant now. Perhaps I should have said more, sooner, but your childhood was precious to me, and I did not desire to… Read More To my Daughter, on the Occasion of her 17th Birthday,

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More Wedding Photos

There were two professional photographers at the wedding in Tennessee, and Scott Bragg of Dreamland Visions Photography sent me the photos he took recently. I’d hired Scott because I knew his work, and that he has an unconventional eye. As much as I want to show all the pictures off, I’ll keep it to a… Read More More Wedding Photos

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Dragon Flight

A group of dragons is called a Flight. For my wedding, I designed and made chainmaille dragons to give to the people who are sharing our day in some way. Tonight, each of these little guys will go to their new owners as the First Reader and I formally join in matrimony. The little dragons… Read More Dragon Flight

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Learning and Writing

Mirror-posted from Amazing Stories this morning. I have been pondering school, learning in general, and this past semester in particular as it is drawing to a close. I am taking a Composition and Literature class not for any other reason than the school requires it, and it’s been a mixed experience for me. But on… Read More Learning and Writing

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Farm Wife

Earth’s grand eruption of life blossoms and grows anew green shoots, pink petals promise fruit.  Farm wife tends lavish gardens Back bent painfully Rewards reaped for hoeing long.  Earthy woman all day through Vital lover’s kiss greets night’s darkness with passion. Sleep comes suddenly to her His shoulder under cheek Her lashes flutter down softly. … Read More Farm Wife